Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys

Sex toys still have a dubious reputation in some generations and are more likely to be pushed into the dark, musty red-light corner. But that’s not what the stimulating toy deserves today. It serves as a change in between, for pelvic floor and sphincter training, for quick relaxation, for the more intense and / or […]

Give some Hilarious name to dildo for more fun

If it is certain that this equipment provides an indescribable enjoyment, this degree of ecstasy can be altered according to the type of strap-on chosen. The first point is the physical feature of the dildo . The feeling is the fruit of this part of the device, we find in various forms and appearance as […]

How to treat an escort

Guide to behaving with an escort – a few Dos and Donts If you know what not to do in any given situation, you can expect miracles. You may save a life, you may save yourself from an ass-kicking and you may even get laid, which is really all anybody can ask for. Sometimes you […]

12 things moving to Barcelona taught me about sex

1. Monogamy can be highly overrated. I quickly learned that a twenty-something in the hottest Mediterranean city in no way has to be committed to just one person. I figured out how to juggle my novios just right: one for a pulpo a la gallega dinner on Monday; one for flamenco at Tablao on Tuesday; […]

Tips not to ejaculate at the beginning with an escort

Having sex with a luxury escort, or try their sexual services, is a very pleasant and exciting experience that can cause premature ejaculation at the beginning of the game, especially to those clients with less experience or not used to this type of encounters. Ejaculating at the beginning with an escort is more common than […]