7 Best Anal Games You Need to Know

Butt plug will be a great help in this. Unlike anal dildos, it is smaller in size, and at its base there is an extension that prevents the toy from falling through. The main task of anal plugs is the stimulation of nerve endings located deep in the anus.

Butt plug can be used for self-satisfaction, in the process of intimate games, as well as as a simulator for the anus. This erotic toy is suitable for both men and women. In addition to obtaining sexual pleasure, corks are used by the representatives of the stronger sex for the prevention of the prostate. For women, anal plugs help develop anus before anal sex, as well as narrow the vagina after childbirth. In combination with lubrication, these anal toys will make your sex life surprisingly bright and colorful, add piquancy to erotic games. If you ask is it okay to walk/exercise with butt plug on? See the following then.

The range of traffic jams is huge. The main criteria for choosing a sex toy are the material, shape and size. The most popular anal plug from a gel-like material, as they give the most pleasant sensations. Choosing the size of a toy depends on how well designed your anus is. If you are new to anal games, stop your choice on a traffic jam with a diameter of one or two fingers. As for the shape of the anal plug, here are guided by the goals of using sex toys. For example, for a prostate massage, you must choose a curved tube.

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How to use traffic jams

The “golden rule” of anal sex is a good lubricant. Therefore, both the anal plug itself and the anus should be well lubricated with lubricant. The lubricant will provide the necessary glide, facilitating easier insertion of the plug. It is also important to choose the correct posture. Doggy Style poses, squatting, as well as lying on your back with legs spread and a pillow under your back, are well suited to enter the cork. Before each use, you must ensure that the anal toy is clean. It should be introduced slowly, with minimal force and without sudden movements. When the plug goes a few centimeters deep, relax the anal muscles and let it slip out

Butt plugs are also a very useful kind of sex toy used by so many women. These plugs are made of silicone, wood, metal or cyber skin. They are made so that they can be painlessly placed in the anus, thereby delivering pleasure to the woman or man. Similar anal toys for sex can be of different diameters, intended both for experienced people in anal sex, and for those who just want to try it.

Basic tips for choosing anal plug.

On our site a wide range of anal toys. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Before proceeding to the choice, decide for what you will use the anal plug:

  • To prepare for anal sex
  • For the thrill of sensation
  • For prostate massage
  • For daily wear
  • Decoration
  • BDSM games

For any of these options, it is better to choose the most suitable device.

In order for anal sex to become pleasant and comfortable, both partners need proper preparation. It is better to start with the purchase of the anal plug – this is a special device that allows you to stretch the muscles gradually. Preference is given to cone-shaped devices with a smooth surface, small size, or corresponding to the diameter of the penis of the partner. Pay attention to the toys made of glass, steel, medical silicone. Perfect sleeves with swap and expansion spacers. For 15 – 20 minutes, the muscles of the anus will relax and after that, armed with the appropriate lubricant, you can move on to anal sex.

If you want to add a piquant variety to the intimate life, then take a look at the anal plugs with grooves. With traditional contact, it creates a feeling of fullness in the rectum and narrows the vagina, and the thin partition takes on a ribbed shape, which repeatedly enhances orgasm.

This can also include traffic jams with vibration

  • The diameter of such a tube should not be more than 3 – 4 cm.
  • Manufacturers of sex toys have developed special plugs that are designed to massage the prostate. They have an anatomical shape, made of silky silicone. Be sure to use with anal lubrication, preferably water-based.
  • If you prefer to enjoy the stimulation of the anus during the day, then pick up the stopper designed for constant wear. Caps made of hypoallergenic material (silicone, steel), no longer than 11 cm long are ideal. Choose the shape and diameter individually, according to your desires and possibilities.
  • “Dance and cry Europe – because I have the most beautiful butt”. Graceful cork with rhinestones will not leave indifferent lovers of beauty, and jewelry with tails is a great idea for creating an original image. Before insertion into the anus, lubricate abundantly with anal grease.

In BDSM games, butt plug is an indispensable attribute. They can be used for role-playing games, as well as to prepare the anus for sex. The most popular toys are sleeves with electro stimulation, vibration, expanders, beads and models with tails.

Be sure to use anal lubricant. This lubricant designed for comfortable and painless penetration, has protective properties.

Those who actively use intimate devices, guess what a butt plug is for men are easy. It is a phallus imitator for insertion into the anus, but in shape it differs from the classical dildo. The anus has a different physiological structure than the vagina. Features of the structure of the rectum are taken into account and embodied in the varieties of anal toys. In particular, each product has a kind of stopper – an extension at the base, which limits its uncontrolled introduction.

How to use male traffic jams

Butt plug is used for men according to the instructions attached to the device. Like most toys inserted inside, the device for the anus is recommended to be lubricated with a special lubricant. If lubricant is released into the vagina, the rectum needs help to avoid injury. Make a choice in favor of silicone lubricant; it will do it better than others. Sliding with grease will be nice and painless. Concentrated consistency will economically apply lubricant to the toy.

Why butt plug guy

Guys and men, regardless of orientation, can use special simulators to relax the anus before having sex with a partner and to stimulate the rectum in order to get an orgasm.

If the butt plug buys your partner, the intimate moments will become not only more diverse, but also more intense in terms of sensitivity and emotionality of the orgasm. So, the butt plug to the guy will massage the posterior crotch and prostate responsive to stimulation. Sweet sensations, soft increasing pleasure, breathtaking feeling of fullness of the rectum excite and heterosexuals.

Why are stimulants for the anus more popular than “manual” masturbation and sometimes better than the penis? The size of the genital organ may not be suitable for anal sex, at least without first developing the anus. And the fingers do not know how to expand and adapt to the curves of the rectum. Do you want to buy a neat little anal plug place an order in our online sex shop?

The range of intimate stimulants will help you find the product “by size”. Having learned your own anatomical features or having learned the preferences of your partner, you will be able to choose the shape and features of the toy that the rear opening will take with pleasure. Experimenting with different stimulator plugs, one can improve the injection technique, changing the degree of immersion and pressure intensity. Without toys, it is not always realistic to achieve special heights of pleasure and orgasm. The pain at the entrance and movements of the penis often rejects the very idea of ??returning to anal sex. Stimulation with a stopper relaxes the sphincter, soothes the resisting muscles of the anus, preparing the anus for productive sex with your favorite partner.