Choosing the Right Butt Plug and How to Use Them Effectively

Of course, only the most desperate and uncomplicated couples are ready to invite the third. For most, the solution lies in the use of the anal plug it will give similar sensations. To imitate double penetration, you can buy products in the form of a male member. Both droplet-shaped plugs and devices with rhinestones will do.

Few people realize that the anal plug in the sex shop is bought exclusively for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Do not be surprised! Yes, yes, this erotic gadget helps men to prevent prostate diseases. Sitting work, sluggish and inactive lifestyle, bad habits, unhealthy diet it makes sense to continue? At risk are all men after 30 years. At the first “bells” the conclusion of the urologist looks like this a prostate massage is not just necessary, it is mandatory! This method will be more effective than any tablets and suppositories.

Butt plug for men is slightly different from those intended to be worn by a woman. Gadgets for prostate massage have a special bend that puts pressure on the gland. So now a man does not need to tolerate the presence of other people’s fingers in his anus and spend a lot of money on urologists – combine business with pleasure! If you want to know what is the best lubricant for a butt plug then there are options for the same as well.

How to prepare for the introduction of anal plug without pain

Open the question remains, how to use the anal plug. Do you think that everything is simple – put the thing in the anus and get yourself a buzz all day? Not certainly in that way. To the gadget brought real benefits, you must properly prepare for its use. There are three basic rules:

  • Preliminary preparation.
  • Use of lubricant.
  • The choice of size

You cannot just take it and put the cork in the anus. Let’s start with the issue of hygiene. Do not forget that after all anatomically the anus is not designed for love games, its task … Everyone knows about the purpose of this hole, so there is no need to talk about the necessity of an enema or anal soul. Only after the rectum is ready, you can proceed to further action.

Before using the anal plug, apply a sufficient amount of lubricant to the product and the anus itself. The skin in the anus is very delicate and you can easily injure it. Neither the woman nor the man lubricant is produced there. For sliding it is better to use a special lubricant designed for anal sex. Such do water or silicone-based. Universal in all senses – water lubricants. But silicone is suitable for any material except its own kind, i.e. silicone.

To choose the size of the anal plug correctly, it is not necessary to equate the diameter of the product to the thickness of a member of your partner. It is desirable to begin to train muscles with miniature bushes – from 2.7 cm in diameter to the thickest part. Such plug-ins usually have a teardrop shape with a narrowed end, which without pain enters the anus. But this does not mean that large and thick traffic jams always cause discomfort. The anus has the ability to stretch, but at the same time it should be entered very carefully, slowly and gradually. It is impossible to start right away with large simulators – first you need to think about the development of a hole, and only then – about pleasure.

And one moment. It concerns mainly beginners. In no case do not use as an anal plug object that does not fall into the category of intimate goods. Such self-activity or economy (everyone is guided by his own) does not lead to good. Any gadgets from sex shops are safe for health, they are characterized by the presence of fixtures and restraints to prevent toys from getting inside the sphincter. But other items are not equipped with such protective elements. Without the help of doctors, to get a foreign object after involuntary compression of the sphincter muscles is practically impossible task.

For full information about anal training, here’s how to find safe and easy training kits.

The most popular and comfortable models for men and women

So, what kind of butt plug is better for wearing, which ones are suitable for men and which ones are suitable for women? On the most unusual, we will describe below.

Hush (Lovense) – universal device for stimulating the anus

According to reviews, this butt plug is ideal for many hours of wearing. This device is equipped with a small motor that delivers pleasant vibrations. It turns on the intimate gadget from a smartphone, and even moves in time with the music. And this super-smart erotic toy can react to any noise, other sounds and respond to them with vibration. Conveniently, butt plug for wearing Hush is available in different sizes, so it is suitable for both experienced seducers and beginners. Undoubtedly, the device will appeal to both men and women. Plus, you can control the toy from a distance, so the model is ideal for Wirth lovers. The price of the device is about 8 thousand dollars.

Butt plug with vibration and remote control

The rimming device has a silicone case, is available in black and blue. Unlike most traffic jams, this gives the opportunity to experience unfamiliar sensations. The secret lies in the design of the toy. In the butt of the anal plug are 6 rows of beads. They move in a circle and massage the anus, and a vibrator is placed in the main part of the device. Massage and pleasant vibration waves relax and elevate to the seventh heaven with pleasure. Butt plug with BVIBE vibration is used by men and women. The diameter of the device in the largest part is 4 cm, in the minimum it is 2 cm. In general, the unit is not small, it is unlikely that you can get used to it. Although it is quite possible that experienced anal lovers will not be surprised at the size of this device, but they hardly dare call it mediocre. This cork really stands out from its counterparts.