Five things you shouldn’t do to a prostitute in Barcelona

Aside from being one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Barcelona is also famous for its street prostitution. Their red-light district is, in fact, pretty much on the same level as the one in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sex tourists from all over the world visit the Catalan capital searching for kinky fun, and they rarely leave disappointed.


However, none of this means that you should take sex lightly over there. You can’t do whatever comes to your mind. Not only is it disrespectful, but you might end up in trouble. There are unwritten rules that you should abide by, and we’re here to discuss them. Allow us to, therefore, introduce you to our guide on Barcelona’s prostitution.

Don’t Take Her to an Uncomfortable Place

The first tip for having sex with prostitutes in Spain is all about finding the right location. Namely, you shouldn’t count on draining your nuts in a dark alley between two clubs in Barcelona. Even if some hookers might be down with such an idea, the vast majority won’t. The reasons are simple. Prostitution isn’t legal in Spain, and having sex in public is a felony that will cost you a massive fine.

So, what’s the solution to this problem? Should you just ride your luck and hope no one sees you making sweet love in public? Nope! To have sex in Barcelona with a sex worker, we recommend paying for a hotel room. Not only will you have a better time, but men should provide comfort for their lovers, even if they are hookers. One of the best places to visit for sex is Hotel Barbara, as it’s near Barça’s busiest area — the Las Ramblas.

No Emotional Attachment

Visiting the red-light district of Barcelona can be overwhelming for some tourists. That many hot women looking to sleep with you isn’t something you see every day, is it? Nevertheless, you shouldn’t fool yourself into thinking a hooker’s affection for you is real. They are professionals who enjoy one-night stands with their clients. And no matter how smooth-spoken they might seem, they only care about your money.


All this means that finding sex in Barcelona has nothing to do with emotional attachment. Don’t fall in love with the hooker of your choice. Instead, use the occasion to have as much carefree fun as possible. Don’t bother with their name unless you want to come over tomorrow night again. And lastly, don’t imagine you can save them from sex work. They aren’t some underage girl that’s been a victim of sex trafficking. They do what they want to.

Never Share Personal Information

As we’ve mentioned already, attaching yourself to a sex worker isn’t the brightest of ideas. The same goes when visiting Barcelona and its burgeoning sex scene. The main reason why you shouldn’t do this is that you can easily share some personal information that might come back to haunt you later on. Regardless of how caring the prostitute of your choice might seem, over-informing her about yourself shouldn’t occur.


Although it isn’t always the case, most sex workers work for macros. These guys aren’t exactly the best people out there. Some of them are abusive towards their workers, both physically and mentally. As such, you can count on them using your personal information to extract money from you by blackmailing. This usually revolves around threats that mention family, partners, and even coworkers and your higher-ups.

Don’t Leave Her Unpaid

If you’re looking to have a good time while on your sex travels in Barcelona, you must remember to treat hookers with the utmost respect. Not only is this the normal thing to do, but it can also save your butt. Namely, by treating the prostitute of your choice normally, we mean paying the exact amount you agreed on. Just like you, they put their ass on the line each day, looking for a way to earn a living. Hence, don’t be a douche.

Yet, it’s not just about being fair. If you don’t pay a sex worker, you can count on their macro finding you and causing a great fuss. In fact, they might even be violent, looking to extract more money from you than you initially owed. Either way, being a fugitive from shady types in a foreign country isn’t exactly how we picture our perfect holiday, let alone a sex trip. Therefore, make sure you’re even with everyone, hookers included.

Never Disrespect Her

No matter if you’re visiting an erotic massage, a strip club, or a brothel in Barcelona, you should behave with respect. But what does this mean? Well, most sex tourists imagine they can do whatever they want if they pay. As such, they treat hookers like human garbage, even physically assaulting them. This isn’t acceptable anywhere in the world, especially not in Barcelona, where sex workers enjoy the same respect as everyone else.


Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be afraid to have fun when with a prostitute. You can have the best sex in your life and still be respectful towards your lover. That means that you should agree upon a fair price and pay it once your time is up. Moreover, you shouldn’t stray away from your agreement while having sex and try something out of the blue. If you didn’t mention anal sex while negotiating, don’t try to pull it off suddenly during the act. 

Don’t Hire Someone Without Clear and Proper Negotiation

Lastly, we need to talk about negotiating with prostitutes in Barcelona the right way. By doing this the proper way, you’ll evade any of the issues we’ve mentioned in this text. Either way, the first thing you should do is ask the lady of your choice whether she’s okay with certain acts you wish to engage in. These include oral, anal, or any other kink you might have. Once you agree upon them, you should mention the price.


When it comes to money, there’s not an exact list of rates for hookers in Barcelona. One might charge one amount, while the other will have a completely different rate. That means that it all comes down to you. If you think something is a fair price, bring it up while negotiating. In the end, it all comes down to the given word. If the prostitute starts changing the arrangement moments after, do consider not hiring her.


Most of what we’ve talked about in this text are the uglier sides of prostitution in Barça. However, it shouldn’t affect your idea of how fun the Catalan capital can be for sex tourists. The whole city is full of hot sex workers, approaching you on almost every corner. But if street prostitution isn’t exactly your thing, you can also enjoy elite hookups. These are more expensive, but they are even better looking and generally offer a safer experience.