How to Pleasure Yourself with Anal Beads

Many women who are adventurous often think of alternatives to normal sexual intercourse and have encountered an anal chain on the internet. Anal chains are introduced rectally and it is possible to do this in different ways and types. How, when and where it happens is up to you and if you want it you should decide for yourself. Anal beads vs butt plugs, what is better? Check out this online store for ass plugs and experience it yourself. This answer varies person to person. Opinions about these products, which have long been known but rarely mentioned, are very divided. In the usual lovemaking, but it is usually not used.

Experiences with anal beads

Many women have a problem with this sex toy. You are too cramped and too inexperienced to handle it properly, but most of you who have already tried it several times praise the anal chain whether you like the feeling or not, you can only decide for yourself and who would like to try something new that will do the best. But you have to keep in mind that the feelings intensify over time and that it is not perfect from the start.

What you have to consider when using the anal chain

It must not go too fast in any case. You have to take your time until the body gets used to the toy. Otherwise, it can hurt if the balls are not introduced slowly and also the chain may initially be pulled out only slowly. Over time, the whole thing is easier and you can almost romp it.

Where can you buy them and what does it cost?

An anal chain can only be bought at the age of 18 because it is an adult toy. However, she does not pay much. You can still buy them in the double-digit range. This is best done on the internet so as not to bother visiting an erotic shop. Here we have our comparison for the best erotic shop and if you want to search directly for anal beads you can click directly on this link to our recommended shop.

Worth knowing about anal beads

Anal beads stimulate the user – anal beads are usually connected with each other. Their size increases towards the end of the chain. They are made of various materials such as metal, or glass, as well as silicone available. On some models, the diameter changes from large to small. Anal beads can be introduced anal and vaginally and provide more pleasure for both partners. What are anal beads? Their structure is similar to love balls. These are two or more, connected with strings balls with different designs. Since they are intended for anal stimulation, they are smaller than vaginal toys.

Anal beads: A sex toy for adults

Many lovers of anal beads create a whole range of different models. The anal stimulation is favored by the application of the anal beads, because in the area of ??the anus many nerves merge. The balls should be made of a lubricious material and easy to clean with soap and water. They can be moored to a flexible rod, but also to a string. Whether you like the feeling of playing with the sex toy or not, everyone has to find out for themselves. Since it is an adult toy, you can buy it only from 18 years.

Anal beads – advantages and disadvantages

The positive as well as the negative properties of anal beads are presented here.

Anal Beads Best List

The most popular anal beads products with the most important details as an overview:

When purchasing anal beads products, it is advisable to pay attention to numerous properties and criteria, so you should think in advance what is most important to yourself: the quality, the price or rather the design? Let’s give you some tips in this anal beads test.

Anal beads checklist

Some tips and information to consider before you buy:

  • Is an anal beads manufacturer particularly popular – How is this brand established in the market?
  • How did anal beads complete products in test magazines – is there an anal beads test winner and prize-winner?
  • What are the reviews or expert opinions about the product – positive and negative reviews available?
  • To what extent do the anal beads differ in the placements in our anal beads comparison – price, quality and consumer ratings?
  • Contact person after the purchase – Is there any support from the manufacturer?
  • Is there a suitable accessory for the product, which is offered for re-purchase?

The anal ball is a sex toy for men and women. They can increase orgasm in any gender. The balls are suitable for curious beginners and experts.

Can the use of the anal chain be dangerous?

It is always important to note that it does not directly correspond to nature to introduce something in the anus. Consequently, it is very important that the body first gets accustomed to this process before the analgesics are used permanently. Most importantly, the anus should be stretched to accommodate the chain. Furthermore, in the application is very important that the sex toy must be removed immediately if it causes pain. In this way injury or damage to the anus can be prevented.

How often and how long can the analgesic be used?

In fact, there is no limit to the number or duration of use. Consequently, persons who have correspondingly long sex can therefore wear the chains for several hours. Even a use in everyday life is possible to use the anal toys throughout the day. It is important that the permanent application is especially suitable for persons who are familiar with and practice anal intercourse. Beginners should apply a maximum of 2 to 3 hours to avoid pain later.

Are the analgesics with vibration considered to be better?

Of course, it depends mainly on your own taste, which appeals to the anal chains more. However, it is quite possible that the vibration in the chains can once again provide better stimulation. The reason for this is that after some time, the body gets used to the feeling of the anal chain when it is worn for a long time.