Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Sex Toys

Sex toys still have a dubious reputation in some generations and are more likely to be pushed into the dark, musty red-light corner. But that’s not what the stimulating toy deserves today. It serves as a change in between, for pelvic floor and sphincter training, for quick relaxation, for the more intense and / or longer sex for two, for cybersex or sometimes to laugh vigorously. This can and should be done today without a bad conscience – because there is nothing offensive about it.

The most famous sex toys and absolute evergreens for decades are the dildo and the vibrator. For hetero-men they are rather useless, but in the partnership sex game they can bring a sensational added value. That’s why it pays to talk to your girlfriend or even the wild sex date about her possibly hidden toys. With a dildo you can make the prelude more exciting or bring it to the climax in cunnilingus.

You do not have to worry about today’s woman replacing a man with a plastic phallus. Rather, you can even use sex toys to make the lady of the heart quite mobile. This works e.g. with love balls. She wears it during the day – while working – in itself. They are largely silent and not visible to the outside. But with each movement they move with. Some love balls consist of balls in balls, which create vibration during movement. Rest assured, your friend will rush after you after work.

Anal experiments

Similar to the love balls it is with anal plugs. These “stoppers” are stored slip-proof in the anus of the lady and also invisible to other people, such as work colleagues. Nevertheless, she feels every movement and can already prepare itself by slight muscle contractions fun and long for you.

At the same time, anal plugs are used to train the sphincter. The assumption that this would “leach” through anal dildos or plugs is completely wrong. Rather, the sphincter is strengthened and is thus better prepared for anal sex. If your girlfriend likes butt games, give her a plug. There are very beautiful specimens on the market, which make the backside look like a treasure. So anal plugs are available that look like a diamond when they have been introduced. Divine. If your sweetheart refuses, just wait because she will be too curious not to try it secretly and many women like it so much to be “filled in” – that also makes sex enjoyable.

Left hand was yesterday

Let us come to the pleasure of male masturbation. Again, we do not mince words. And why: Masturbation is like sport. It is good for the cardiovascular system and strengthens endurance. In addition, happiness hormones are distributed. Whether with or girlfriend: Masturbation makes sense.

Sex toys can also help with this. The ultra-cheap toy that smells of poisonous gum, but it should have served its time. When buying a sex toy makes sure that it is high quality – the few dollars saved are not worth the increased risk of cancer from dyes and emollients.

There are many toys on the market that come surprisingly close to a vaginal, anal or oral penetration of a woman. Moreover, these toys are easy to stow and look like a discreet metal box very similar. Even with sex dolls, the industry has made progress. With the latest materials, the coat of a high-tech sex doll feels like the real, velvety skin of a woman, the genitals are modeled on porn stars and they are available in human dimensions. Unlike inflatable love dolls but do not get them stowed away easily. For the one who lives alone, this is not a problem. All others need a lockable wardrobe.??

Of course, sex toys are no substitute for a real woman. What is erotic next to the purely physical: your affection, surrender, your smile, your groan and shudder. For in between or the love game in pairs, however, erotic toys can bring additional joy.

Anal plugs in many forms from small to huge

Sorted by diameter ascending you will find here anal plugs in many different shapes and lengths. Of course, you can also sort them by price or update using the drop-down box. At the top of this list are the trainer kits. These are manufacturer-compiled sets of plugs of various sizes. This is inspired by BDSM when figging a piece of ginger is introduced into the anus – the effect on your sex is lovely!

What happens during sex practice Figging?

Some couples like it a bit more special during sex and like to experiment with extraordinary sex toys. When Figging a sex toy from nature is used, because the special highlight of this BDSM -it is a piece of ginger. The ginger is cut out of the tuber in the desired shape and then inserted into the partner’s anus using the fingers as an anal plug.

A woman, who has already tried it, writes in an erotic forum: make the ginger plug a pleasantly warm to hot feeling, which is very cool. Do not think you have to fear him. But just try it on your own, and then you can really enjoy it together with your husband! Can you wear a butt plug swimming? With this process the answer is always yes.

How does the ginger in the anus?

In figging, essential oils of ginger are used for sexual stimulation. These essential oils irritate the mucous membranes. The pungent gingerers in particular excite the receptors in the anus, triggering a sustained warming effect very quickly. There is also a very special burning.

Fans of Figging find this stimulus absolutely orgasm assured. This is also because the ingredients of the ginger promote the circulation of the sex organs and thus increase the sexual pleasure.

Is figging dangerous?

There are anal sex practices that pose a certain risk of injury, such as manual fisting, where the whole fist is inserted into the anus. In contrast to such sex practices there is hardly any risk of injury during figging. The burning of the ginger in the anus is a bit painful – but that’s exactly what makes figgings erotic.  Some caution is advised when inserting: Please do not act too coarse, otherwise the anus could be injured. Lube and tender massaging with the finger in advance can also help with this anal sex practice. In addition, the ginger plug should be freshly peeled, so it is still wet.

How do I have to cut the ginger as an anal plug?

It is important that you actually carve the ginger root in the form of an anal plug with stopper. If the ginger piece does not have a stopper, it can otherwise happen that you can no longer get the ginger out of the anus. For the optimum shape you carve a half of the ginger root to a finger-thick and finger-length piece. At one end of this piece you have to leave a good piece of tuber, which has a much larger scope. This larger piece then serves as a stopper. The best thing you can do on this piece is the bowl, so the ginger plug remains easier to remove.

To prevent the ginger piece from slipping out during figuring, you also need to carve a circumferential notch at the transition between the thick piece and the finger-length piece. Perfectly placed, the sphincter of the anus then holds the ginger plug to this notch. Of course, you can make the finger-length piece a little narrower or thicker, just as you wish.