Tips in Buying Anal Pleasure Toys

The inflatable dildo is technically comparable to a conventional balloon. He has outside a flexible and stable wall made of silicone or latex and inside he is hot.At the bottom of the pump dildo is located at the exit a hose which is connected to a simple bellows. To inflate this bellows is pressed by hand.To keep the air at a certain level, most pump dildos have a valve that can be closed and opened as required. So the air can be kept or escape. The diameter can thus be adjusted easily and ideally.

How do you use a pump dildo?

In a slightly inflated state, the dildo can be easily inserted. Depending on the design of the inflatable dildo and the intended use of the initial pressure is of course variable and we can therefore not say exactly how far the dildo should be pumped up before.An inflated pump dildo usually adapts to the narrower and wider passages of the body. This creates a sense of completion.Please do not overdo it in the application. The bellows should be operated by hand and the pressure build-up pleasant so that possible injuries are excluded.

What types of applications and pumping dildo types are there?

The pump dildos can be divided into a few groups:

  • Classic inflating dildo
  • Inflatable butt plug
  • Inflatable anal dildo
  • Strap-on for inflating

The inflatable dildos are also available as a vibrator version to buy, which also brings a very interesting aspect into the love game.The classic pump dildo can be used vagina or anal. With a good quality, the volume increases very evenly and not just locally in one place. The movements can be adjusted to your own preferences.In the anal variant, anal plugs are often used to inflate. The effect of a plug can be wonderfully combined with a version to inflate.A strap on dildo with inflating function is then a very special and sexy version, which should definitely find its fans in the fetish area.We wish you a lot of fun pumping Lust! Ever thought Why would someone want usb butt plug?

Our sexuality is increasingly decoupled from dating partnerships through dating apps, porn portals and high-tech toys.The Internet makes it possible: Amateur porn, filmed on beaver bedding, high-tech sex toys with special suction and blowing technique in inconspicuous mail, informal appointments for people with endless fantasies.

For the anal fun

Note these things when buying anal plugs

Counting among the newcomers in this area? It is definitely advisable to start small at first. The sphincter is not as stretchy as the vagina and so you should be careful of anal games. This is the best way to find out what you like and ultimately make you want more.

Preferably you should use lubricants for anal intercourse, if you want to use an anal plug. It is important to pay attention to the material. With water-based lubricant all anal plugs can be used. The lubricant is very compatible and therefore optimally suitable. If you use silicone gel then you should not use silicone dildos and anal plugs. Because the silicone-based gel attacks the anal plug made of silicone and makes it ultimately useless. An alternative would be oil-based lubricant, but this cannot be used for all toys.

You love the variety and now want to order a practical and hot toy for anal fun? Then you have a huge selection in the online shop and can choose between many different toys for the special moments. LovePlugs is one of the recommended online sex shop today, they strive to bring quality and vast collection of products that their customers can choose from. Varieties such as:

  • Butt plug with base
  • Butt plug with vibration
  • Butt plug with grip ring

Each of the models has its own special advantages and disadvantages. For example, butt-ended plugs can be conveniently attached to tiles and other smooth surfaces. So you can indulge completely in pleasure and also have their hands free for other activities. Of course, they are also very interesting. These have very well in your hand and can selectively introduce deeper or remove. To put the desire on top of it, anal plugs with vibration can be used. This provides a plus in ecstasy and makes you want more.

The anal plugs in different sizes

The anal plug is available in different sizes and with different diameters. In addition, the toys can be ordered in several lengths. The plugs come in different shapes. Both as a simple “plug shape” as well as in fantasy shapes, the toys are available. Some anal plugs are:

  • Smooth
  • With grooves
  • With nubs
  • Bent
  • Straight
  • In ball shape
  • In tenon shape

Some models are specifically designed for men. Other plugs, on the other hand, are equally suitable for women or men and women alike. One thing all analplugs have in common: they provide a lot of fun and thrill.

Application of an anal plug

Pay attention to the hygiene of your anal plug. After and before using your plug, it should always be cleaned and disinfected. The anal area of ??the body is very sensitive and therefore small contaminants can cause disinfection or other diseases.

G-Rider Anal Plug

When crouching or lying down with your legs bent, the introduction works without any problems and is quite relaxed. When the anal plug is inserted to the end, man already notices the prostate stimulation. For women, the filled-in feeling and the psyche are more of a pleasure factor here. Due to the silicone coating, the feeling is very pleasant, but at the same time the butt plug is also very dimensionally stable. The application is very intuitive and easy.

The anal stimulation (including the prostate) can be strengthened by switching on the vibration. The feeling is very pleasant and the different speed levels are great! The operation of the buttons is quite easy by the hand. On the plus side, you can use the G-Rider while sitting. The handle has a smooth bottom and no tail, like other anal plugs.

The application can thus be done in many situations, whether playing lovemaking with the partner, looking at the local erotic film, masturbation or other life situations. The plug sits very comfortable and stable in the butt, without slipping and without pain. The longer wearing is therefore nothing in the way, even the small width of 2cm on the lower shaft, the sphincter zone, there are no problems.