Tips not to ejaculate at the beginning with an escort

Having sex with a luxury escort, or try their sexual services, is a very pleasant and exciting experience that can cause premature ejaculation at the beginning of the game, especially to those clients with less experience or not used to this type of encounters.

Ejaculating at the beginning with an escort is more common than it seems, and it is normal if we analyze the situation. You, as a client, find yourself in front of an impressive woman with an incredible physique with whom you know that you are going to have sex and with whom you will be able to fulfill your fantasies, besides you know that there will be no commitment or ties afterwards. And if that was not enough, he has a lot of experience and knows how to give you pleasure. But you can also pleasure an escort with butt plugs while having sex. And of course, if you ejaculate at the beginning when you are with an escort, you may feel fruity.

6 tricks not to come soon

And so that you can enjoy the most when an escort is doing a bareback blowjob, or when you are trying anal sex for the first time, we give you some tips to delay ejaculation in your sexual encounters:

1. Slow down. Marking a slower but steady pace will help you to enjoy the relationship and not rush into orgasm. It seems complicated, but you can rehearse it.

2. Environment music. The slow music will be perfect to help you to set a slower pace because your body will try to follow the rhythm. In addition, the music is perfect to recreate an erotic and sensual environment.

3. Control breathing. Try to breathe more slowly when you are having sex and feel the excitement rise. The breathing tends to alternate us, so if you control it, you will be the one who controls the impulses of your body.

4. Stop and take it out. Sometimes it cuts the roll, but in extreme situations it is the best remedy to delay the ejaculation and to be able to continue having sex a little while longer. And you can always take advantage of this break to dedicate yourself to manual or oral work.

5. Masturbate first. Masturbation is one of the best tricks you can apply to prepare your body. Once you have ejaculated, the body takes longer to recover for a second ejaculation. So you know, do your homework before leaving home.

6. Leave the best for last. If your favorite sexual practice is titfuck, or rimming, or bareback blowjob, and you know you can not resist the pleasure it provokes, leave it to the end, so you will no t have to worry about not letting yourself go.

And if none of these tips works for you and you still feel that you are going to at the beginning when you are with a luxury escort, you can always resort to the classic of thinking about unpleasant things, such as your assessment of the latest controversy on the political plane, or try to remember which footballers on your team played in the last game.