Tips on Pulling a One Night Stand With Women

Need to get away from your regular days and nights? Maybe you’re not ready for commitment, but you still have a burning need to get it on everywhere you go? Tourist sex is your passport to a full-on fuck feast around the world. 


Dating apps like Tinder and Grindr make it easy to find someone ready to get it on, right in your vicinity. All you have to do is sign up and find willing partners. It might seem frustrating at first but remain patient and diligent. Every city has a new lover for your sexy adventure. 


If the online scene isn’t your thing, there is always the old-fashioned way — finding a playmate by hitting the pavement. You can look for lonely companions in bars, libraries, and even churches. But you have to work the streets for a good one-time only romp. 


Certain hotspots allow or, at least, do not prohibit the business of sexual exchange. So if your fancy is to purchase an encounter, cities such as Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and Barcelona, in Spain, are notorious for their Red Light Districts, where little is off the market. 

Check this ranked list of world’s best red light districts.

Once you have found the perfect partner or two, make an effort to forge a connection. Don’t just throw off your clothes and proceed to plow like bunnies. Get to know each other. Intimate sex is better sex, even if it’s just for the night. So don’t rush. You might not remember each other’s names, but you’ll never forget the experience. 

Don’t Try Hard to Impress Your Mate

First impressions are everything. And you don’t want to ruin it from the beginning by pretending to be someone you are not. It’s too much work, and the other person might notice the charade and get turned off. Being ingenuine is never sexy. Always be yourself. Put your confidence on full display to attract a fitting match. Act natural and use your awesome personality to charm the underwear off of anyone in your presence.

The Call of the Wild — and Suggestion

Now all you have to do is perfect a mating call, your unique way of attracting the attention of anyone you desire. This is a skill that might take some time and research to develop. 


Different people from different places are typically stimulated by a degree of things. Each will be drawn and repealed by various things. Some will adore your laugh, while others find it horrific. Some might think your jokes are hilarious, and others may consider you a bore. Culture matters when dealing with people, so brush up on your history and build a strong tongue for the pleasure of your lover. 

Remember, always be true. Seek out those that find you sexy so you don’t waste a second with mixed signals. Look in her eyes, so she knows you want her — less time pretending, more time for stellar sex. 

Taking Care of Business. 

Women like to feel special. Most want to be appreciated. It might be a simple encounter, but most won’t get too hot at the idea of being used and thrown away. Take your date somewhere she feels comfortable. 


You don’t have to go all out with expensive champagne and a trail of roses. Still, show her that you put some thought into fulfilling her needs. She will see you as a pleaser, and it might increase her curiosity about your abilities between the sheets. It will make it easier for her to take her clothes off, just for you. At that point, the job is halfway complete.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry

When having one-night stands using protection is an absolute must. Casual sex leaves one highly vulnerable to STDs, being that you know nothing about the life practices of the person you are about to open your body to. 


Discussing contraception and protective measures might seem like a downer, but it’s a far smarter alternative than finding out you have an ailment that could’ve been easily prevented.

There are many options to ensure safe sex and to prevent unwanted pregnancy by or with a person you might never hear from or see again. Always have condoms or some type of protection in proximity if you know there is a chance you will drop your pants for a hot stranger. The reality is, as your numbers increase, as do your risks to exposure. No judgment. Only better safe than sorry. 

Dealing With Aftermath

Saying goodbye is never easy. Especially after making yourself physically and emotionally vulnerable. You’re naked and exhausted, after all. But with one-time hookups, you just learn to part ways nice and respectfully. 


Just because it was a single experience doesn’t mean it can’t end in drama or awkwardness. Do whatever you must to keep relations simple. Don’t do anything to muddy the waters. Don’t kiss or hold hands if you easily catch feelings. Make sure you are both aware of what you are meeting for, so you both leave happy and satisfied.